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Downtown ‘parklets’ approved, ‘streatery’ to end

2 Nov 2021

The Tracy City Council agreed on Tuesday that the city will adopt a new set of rules to allow outdoor dining downtown in the public right-of-way. At the same time, the council also agreed that it will not extend the permit, due to expire next week, that presently allows dining in some downtown parking spaces and parts of 10th Street.

The “parklet” concept allows a restaurant owner to convert parking spaces in front of a restaurant into an outdoor dining patio, pending approval of individual permits, good for three years, for each restaurant. The permit process allows city planning and development staff to review the design of barriers around the parklet, such as concrete planters separating the parklet from the street.

Parklets will be allowed only on 10th Street between Central Avenue and A Street, Central Avenue between 11th Street and Sixth Street, and Sixth Street between Central Avenue and D Street.

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