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San Joaquin County WorkNet

March 09, 2018

Category: Workforce


Employment Outreach and Recruitment Services

WorkNet’s Employer Services Specialists are available to assist businesses with recruitment and screening of potential employees based on a company’s specific needs. Included in this program is the ability to conduct vocational and customized tests, such as typing words-per-minute, mathematics, necessary physical capabilities and more. They can also provide interviewing facilities at the local Tracy WorkNet location.

In addition, WorkNet will assist in attracting potential employees to your company through their internet Job Posting Program. They take the necessary time to post your desired job openings on various websites so you don’t have to.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

WorkNet’s On-the-Job Training (OJT) is a great way for a company to save money on employee costs. With an OJT contract, your company may be reimbursed for up to 50% of the wages paid to employees during their training period for up to six months. Training new employees can be a costly venture, but with an OJT contract, it can cut your wages in half.

Labor Market Information

WorkNet can provide businesses with valuable information related to current wage levels, skill requirements and the various job industries in San Joaquin County.

For more information on any of WorkNet’s available services, please visit www.sjcworknet.org or call (209) 831-5981.