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Retail, Office, and Industrial Incentive Programs « Back to Search Results
Retail, Office, and Industrial Incentive Programs

Category: Regional and Local Incentives

The Retail Incentive Programs generally are meant to stimulate the private sector to invest in the future of Tracy so that Tracy can retain its existing share of the regional market in light of increasing regional competition.

The Retail Incentive Programs are consistent with the following goals of the Tracy General Plan, Economic Development Element:

  • ED-2 Support for and promotion of existing businesses
  • ED-3 A supportive business environment
  • ED-6 Healthy, key economic activity centers
  • ED-8, Responsiveness to change and opportunities
  • ED-9, A financially sound and viable City

This Retail Incentive Program has three major components:

I. Citywide Retail Incentive Program
II. West Valley Mall Revitalization Program
III. Hospitality, Entertainment & Recreation Program (HER)

It is not the intent of these programs to divert sales tax dollars from other communities, in violation of Government Code sections 53084 and 53084.5.

Disclamier: All financial incentive agreements and performance contracts must be approved by the Tracy City Council and are available on a first-come, first-served basis until all designated funds have been exhausted.